Tax Deed Sale Oneida County NY

On September 8, 2016, the Tax Deed Sale Oneida County NY will be held at 6:30pm.  Click below to access the FAQ section of the Oneida County website. The link contains all necessary information regarding auction procedures.

There are a total of 99 properties up for bid. Click below to see what the county offers for free regarding these properties on their website:

Tax Deed Sale Oneida County NY

What does the Tax Deed Sale Oneida County NY information mean for me?

We have fully researched the properties contained in the link above. Therefore, we were able to narrow the list down to 18 properties, that not only have a building on them, but that also have an assessment value between $50,000 and $300,000. In comparison, our lead lists contain parcel number, location address, property owner, property owner mailing address, and the assessment value of the property.  Upon purchase, you will receive a PDF file and also a complete set of address labels for current property owners.

In addition, research on your part is not necessary.  Beyond that, if you are an investor looking to buy property, you have found the cheapest offer around! Because we simply provide you with the only information you need to be successful!  We want you to become successful, while still keeping money in your pocket maintain business operations. Most noteworthy is : No fluff and no fuss… Remember, our leads will never cost you more than $1 per lead. Especially since no other site is able offer this same value. If you can find one that does, send us a link, and we will price match their listing! Simply place a comment below!

Payments will be accepted via Paypal when you click the purchase link below.  You may have to manually click “Return to Merchant Site” after you make the purchase to receive your downloads.  With each transaction, an email is also sent to you which will also contain your two download links.

Follow the link below to purchase with PayPal:

There is no need to search for a better offer, guaranteed!

In conclusion, click Here to learn more about us!

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