Bay County FL Tax Deed Auctions

For starters, there are three upcoming Bay County FL Tax Deed Auctions.  The entire auction lists for September 20th, September 27th, and October 18th can be reviewed here:

Consequently, view tax sale procedures here:

How many properties are included in Bay County FL Tax Deed Auctions?

Indeed, there are a total of 32 properties being sold at these tax deed auctions.  Pursuing the lists further, we zeroed in on ten leads that are residential properties with an assessment value between $50,000 and $300,000.  Undoubtedly, if you found our site, you are seeking viable real estate investment leads.

Bay County FL Tax Deed Auctions

Instead of paying the other sites for leads you do not need, save yourself some money, and buy here.  More importantly, our customers have confirmed that the other sites provide the entire tax deed auction property listings.  However, our customers are quickly disheartened that they can only use a third of the leads provided by the competition.

In addition, we provide you the best possible value for your money.  Don’t take our word for it, compare our lists to a competitor and figure out for yourself which provides the best value.  In time, you will trust Tax Deed Auction Info for all of your tax deed auction leads list needs.

Contact information for Bay County FL:

Bay County Tax Collector, Jane Callipo, 850 W 11th St, Panama City, FL 32401, Phone #850-248-8501

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