Montgomery County OH Sheriff Sales

On September 6, 2016 at 10am, Montgomery County OH will hold a tax deed sale. Montgomery County OH Sheriff Sales take place every Thursday at 10am. To attend the auction: Commissioners Hearing Room, 10th floor of the County Administration Building, 451 West Third Street, Dayton, Ohio, 45422. Alternatively, view the entire list of properties up for auction here:

Montgomery County OH Sheriff Foreclosure Sales

You will need to input the dates that you are searching for.  Search results include all properties available for Mortgage Foreclosure, Tax Deed, and Tax Lein sales.  Tax Deed Auction Info scrubbed this data to find residential properties that are occupied, valued between $50,000 and $300,000.

Why purchase leads for Montgomery County OH Sheriff Sales?

Real Estate Investors that are looking for viable real estate leads want to purchase our list.  Foremost, we offer 100% viable lead lists, you do not have to sort through our property lists. Consequently, we will not offer property information that is  not a viable investment opportunity.

Montgomery County OH Sheriff Sales

Payments accepted via Paypal.  Although, Paypal accounts are not required to complete purchase. Paypal ensures credit card information is protected. However, simply click “Return to Merchant Site” to receive both downloads. In addition, you receive an email from Tax Deed Auction Info, which will contain all download links as well. Meanwhile, add to your trusted list. Receive the information in your inbox, rather than your spam folder!

To conclude, our list for Montgomery County OH Sheriff Sales is very tiny.  From the 21 properties that will be sold at tax deed auction, only two fit our stringent criteria.  In addition, our leads will never cost you more than $1 each.  Take our lead sheet, print your sales letter, mailing labels, and simply head to the post office.  Finally, await your warm lead calls!

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