Tax Deed Auction Info – About Us

Hello, my name is Angie and welcome to Tax Deed Auction Info!  I work as a freelancer through, a website that connects freelancers with clients who need a job completed.  Consequently,  if you are looking for a freelancer, you can find my profile by clicking here.

Let’s rewind a bit to provide my WHY… I have a client on Upwork that hired me to compile a list of every county across the United States who had upcoming Tax Deed Auctions.   Finally, after my research is complete, I submit my work to him via an Excel Spreadsheet.

There are many tax deed auction info sites that offer to sell you entire property listings of what is coming up for auction, with a price tag ranging from $27 – $149.  The sheets they are selling are comprehensive, you receive all vacant land listings and you receive all properties with a building, commercial and residential.  You still have to sort through their listing sheet to find the properties that are suitable for your business needs.  My client said when he had purchased these listings previously, he could only use about a third of the information provided, and some sheets were totally useless for his business needs.

Hence, the cost outweighs the benefit…

There must be other investors who are just as frustrated with their quest to find viable real estate investment leads.  Due to this realization, I have decided to create this website and offer my same findings here, for the benefit of all real estate investors.  My aspiration is to provide you with the most accurate tax deed auction info.  Each of my listings will provide to the buyer:

  1. Auction ID Number
  2. State
  3. County
  4. Parcel ID#
  5. Site Address
  6. Current Owner
  7. Mailing Address
  8. Assessed Value
  9. Taxes owed (if available)
  10. Auction Date

In addition, my lists contain the following criteria:

  • Properties that are coming up for auction – tax deed ONLY, NO lein sales
  • No vacant properties will be listed
  • Residential properties only, no commercial properties
  • Assessed value will be between $50,000 and $300,000
  • Sheet of address labels to print for your fresh leads (print on Avery 8160 Labels)
  • See below if you have a customized request to make

Therefore, you will NOT have to SORT through my lists looking for viable real estate investment leads.  You will receive a list of guaranteed 100% ready fresh leads for your real estate investment business.  Simply create your personalized sales letter, print the mailing labels, head to the post office, and wait for your leads to contact you!

Furthermore, if you are looking for something not shown here, i.e. you want vacant properties only OR you are looking for assessed values less than $50,000, please email  with your request.  I will offer the same value listed above for all personal requests made, and as always, all leads provided will cost you $1 per lead.  Thank you for visiting and have a wonderful day!

Also, if you are an unclaimed money finder, check back periodically… I will be listing auction results approximately two weeks after each auction date.  Your skip tracing efforts are about to become a whole lot easier!  Most of all, I want to become your one stop resource for your real estate investment needs.

Warmest Regards,